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Acne: the right actions for flawless skin

flawless skin

Many women, regardless of their age, suffer from skin imperfections. The notion of acne, wrongly considered as a disease, is sometimes vague and its different forms are not easy to determine. We give you the right actions to adopt to eliminate your skin problems.


I soothe and I purify: white pimples are the consequence of an infection of the sebaceous glands. To make them disappear, it is advisable to clean the skin well in order to eliminate all bacteria, but also to purify and disinfect. Even if the physical appearance of the white pimple (called a pustule in medical jargon), is not very graceful, it is strongly advised not to pierce it. Touching your pimples is the best way to develop infection and generate scarring.

The procedure: avoid putting on makeup or use a suitable corrector (oil free and non-comedogenic). In the evening, cleanse your skin using a gel designed for problem skin, then pass a cotton pad soaked in a lotion with purifying properties and finally spray your skin with a thermal water spray. For really red spots, apply a drying product locally (Gray paste from Payot for example € 20).


I unclog: some women do not have pimples but suffer, on the other hand, from the constant appearance of blackheads on the face. Blackheads are small plugs of keratin that block the opening of the sebaceous glands and turn black on contact with air. It is an oxidation phenomenon which gives the “horny plug” (real name of the black point) this unattractive appearance.

The procedure: in order to dilate and unclog the pores, there is a simple and natural method which consists in doing a steam bath: boil water in a saucepan and put your face on top for 15 minutes (once the saucepan out of the heat of course), put a towel over your head in order to control the steam. You can then extract the black point delicately and without forcing.


I dry and I purify: small imperfections during hormonal cycles are very common. In order to correct these skin discomforts, it is important not to apply too aggressive care for the skin. Very often, women who have one or two nasty pimples during menstruation do not have acne-prone skin and must therefore opt for creams and targeted treatments (which are applied to the blemish locally to fight against the skin dryness).

What to do: when you see the small pimples appear, use a purifying lotion after removing make-up and apply a gentle, moisturizing anti-imperfection cream all over the face.


I mattify and I purify: oily skin results from an abundant secretion of the sebaceous glands. This excess of sebum can be a real handicap for people who suffer from it and causes inconvenience such as the feeling of discomfort, the poor hold of the makeup or a significant shine on the whole face (or more generally on the T zone: forehead, nose, chin). When you have oily skin, it is advisable to regulate this excess of sebum, to purify and mattify.

The procedure: after having carefully cleansed your face with a suitable gel, apply an absorbent and purifying mask (with green clay for example). Following this, it is important to hydrate the skin well because, despite popular belief, oily skin is fragile and needs to be well hydrated. You can opt for a cream with moisturizing and mattifying actions to optimize your beauty routine.

The little extra beauty: oily skin, rich in lipids, wrinkles less quickly than other types of skin.

The procedure: in the evening after removing make-up and in the morning, use a purifying lotion and a moisturizer (oil free and non-comedogenic). Once or twice a week, do not hesitate to make a moisturizing mask so that your skin regains its suppleness and radiance. Regardless of your skin type, it is also recommended to drink at least 1.5l of water per day (i.e. 6 to 8 tall glasses).


I exfoliate and unclog: microcysts result from obstruction of the pores without there being any inflammation or infection. The plug which obstructs the pore therefore remains under the skin and generates an effect of irregularity of the skin texture. There are microcystic acnes, the imperfections then remain at the microcyst stage and do not turn into papules (red pimples) or pustules (white pimples). To successfully get rid of its microcysts, you have to exfoliate to refine the texture of the skin and unclog to remove the plug responsible for the imperfection.

The procedure: once or twice a week exfoliate your skin with a scrub (preferably gentle so as not to irritate the skin). Every day after your skin cleansing, apply a scrub. You will certainly see some white pimples appear, but don’t panic: it’s a good sign! The descaling process will indeed bring out the plug that clogs the pore and turn into a papule or pustule and then disappear.

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