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Majority of young people want compulsory lesson about healthy lifestyle

maintain the right attitude for a healthy lifestyle

Learn about which nutrients you should get daily, how to cook a fresh meal and whether that trending fit girl’s diet is actually that good for you. Two thirds (67%) of young people believe that a healthy lifestyle should be taught at secondary school in the Netherlands. This is evident from a survey by 3Vraagt ​​among young people of the EenVandaag opinion panel in the run-up to the NPO3 Food Weeks.

The panel surveyed 2150 young people between the ages of 16 and 34. Proponents believe that you will benefit from lessons about eating well and exercising for the rest of your life. They also indicate that it is important that everyone has the opportunity to learn about a healthy lifestyle. Not only the young people whose parents already pay a lot of attention to this during their upbringing.

“I am sure that if we are all taught about healthy living, it will have a positive effect on the health of a large part of the Netherlands,” says Rick. He himself often watches documentaries about nutrition: “I think it is good that you learn how food works at a young age at school. For example, I have tried to explain to my friends several times that light products are really no better than normal products. variants, but they don’t believe me.”

A quarter of young people (26%) are not in favor of compulsory classes. They believe that schools should be able to choose whether to teach about a healthy lifestyle and that it is the task of parents to teach their children about food and exercise.

High school student Ayla has a hard head about it. She doubts that teenagers will listen to their teachers. “I myself was informed about all kinds of things: drink, drugs, smoking, healthy food, you name it. But I notice in myself and my friends that we do what we want anyway. I do know that eating a whole bar of chocolate is unhealthy, but if I want to eat that, I just do it.”

know what you eat
Although the majority of young people believe that teaching about a healthy lifestyle should be compulsory, they think they already know how to do it. Four in five young people (82%) say they eat healthy in general. For example, they take their health into account when buying products. More than half of the respondents (60%) say they consciously check the ingredients and nutritional values ​​on the label.


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