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The 4 types of physical exercise to maintain your health

physical exercise

When we think of sport, sometimes we have extreme images that come to mind. Efforts, sweating, suffering… these negative ideas can weigh heavily on our motivation. However, activities that speed up our heart rate aren’t the only ones that keep us in shape. Three other types of exercise are just as important: weight training, balance and stretching.

Each type of exercise is essential and brings a completely essential to maximize the benefits of the session and limit the risk of injury. By strengthening muscles, for example, we protect the joints , and by working on balance, we use muscle strength and coordination to stabilize movements. You cannot do these exercises when you lack flexibility, which is why it is best to vary each workout . Some sports, such as yoga , allow you to incorporate all of these exercises. Otherwise, here are some other ideas to combine at will.

Cardiovascular exercise

Physical activities such as running , swimming or dancing work the cardiovascular system and thereby increase our heart rate and breathing . This type of exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers.

Strength training

Lifting weights, doing push-ups and sit- ups , and resistance training can build and build muscle mass . Muscles burn more calories than any other body tissue, which is why it is important to exercise when trying to lose weight and watch your diet.

The balancing act

By working on our balance, we help our body to maintain a good position and to better control its stability. This type of exercise is especially important for the elderly, pregnant women and people who have gained weight, in order to refocus their gravity .

Stretching exercise

Stretching exercises can be static (you strike the pose and hold it for several seconds or even minutes) or dynamic (the limbs and joints stay in motion). They stretch the muscles and improve movement in the joints. They also help reduce the risk of injury during sports and other activities.

Daily exercise, even on vacation

To keep in shape you have great habits throughout the year, but once you’re on vacation, and the little kids are around, you may find it more difficult to keep up. No worries: even in tribes, there are solutions to stay active. Plan long bike rides, or organize shore fishing: the important thing is to get moving! A simple walk on the sand has many virtues: freed from the shoes, muscles and joints are called upon differently, which stimulates the cardiovascular system and stimulates blood circulation. For even more effect, you can also walk with your feet in the water, your little children will be happy to accompany you.

There are many solutions to maintain your health even on vacation. Credit Agricole accompanied with d are tips  to enjoy serenity of summer with friends or family, with your children and grandchildren. To feel fully confident, in all circumstances, consider subscribing to good health coverage. Find out more about Crédit Agricole health supplements and choose an offer suited to your needs and your budget.

Exercising is also good for mental health

While everyone agrees on the importance of physical activity, a recent study (March 2021) offers additional advice. This research, conducted by the University of Basel (Switzerland), looked at the importance of diversity in physical activity . The findings were published in the journal  BMC Psychiatry .

“Little was known about whether naturally chosen daily movement patterns also influence mental health,” says Professor Andrew Gloster. The team collected GPS data from 106 mentally ill patients. All participants received smartphones that they took with them for a week. Thanks to this device, the researchers followed the movements and compared the data.

The results showed that the more people moved, the more varied their movements and the greater their sense of well-being. “Our results suggest that activity alone is not enough to reduce symptoms of mental disorders but may at least improve subjective well-being,”

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