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Model for Field Intervention

Field Intervention

The majority of drug users are unaware that their addiction is taking over their lives. Addicts don’t realize how their addiction has altered their behavior and lifestyle since they think they can manage their addiction on their own. When a loved one recognizes a friend or family member’s harmful lifestyle and wants to express their message of love and concern without shame or blame, they may stage a substance addiction intervention.

The addict’s relatives and friends support the intervention by supporting the interventionist in persuading the addict in a non-threatening manner. As a drug habit grows as a result of drug abuse, the brain is altered. These adjustments center the addict’s life on getting high, getting a plentiful supply of the drug, and finding a way to fund ongoing purchases.

Hostile Reaction

When someone points out the user’s addiction, the user may respond with denial and hostility. To diffuse hostile circumstances and carry on the intervention so that the loved one might ultimately get some aid, intervention models have been put in place.

Field Intervention

The Johnson Model and the Invitational Model are combined to create the Field Model of intervention. When an addict has the potential to be violent or when the loved one responds poorly to the intervention, this form of intervention is used. The name comes from the idea that it is used in the field and is based on the idea that the therapist must choose actions dependent on the situation.

Based on drug history, the intervention specialist will choose the model that will be applied most frequently. In response to the addict and the intervention team, the specialist is free to deviate from any paradigm when using the Field Model. This flexibility to deviate from either intervention model supports the primary objective of persuading the addict to seek alcohol withdrawal and therapy for their issue.

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