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A Healthy Indulgence: The Nutritional Benefits of Frozen Yoghurt

A Healthy Indulgence

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl or cup of frozen yogurt? The freshness, taste, and texture of this magical dessert are so inviting that it leaves you wanting more.

Frozen Yoghurt ( Yogurt Helado ), nowadays, is promoted as a healthier alternative to regular ice cream. This is because it contains a broader nutrient profile and contains live cultures, which are good for the gut. Moreover, if you make the dessert at home, you can control the sugar content and make it as healthy as you want.

All over the world, people love frozen yoghurt for its creamy texture, tangy taste, and hits of sweetness. Instead of cream, it contains milk and can contain toppings such as fruits, cookies, chocolate chips, or gummies. And while many people prefer buying store bought frozen yoghurt, you can easily make it at home.

What Ingredients Are in Frozen Yogurt?

The ingredient list varies from brand to brand and household to household.

  1. Milk: while brands prefer to use milk powder and solids, many organic brands and households prefer milk (non-fat or low-fat) in its liquid state for authentic flavor.
  2. Yoghurt culture: yoghurt culture, also known as “good bacteria,” is an essential bacteria that keeps the gut healthy.
  3. Sugar or sweetener: while many companies use regular sugar to sweeten the dessert, many people prefer alternatives such as sweeteners, brown sugar, or natural sugar like that from sugar cane.
  4. Toppings: you can choose what toppings you want. These range from fruits to gummies and chocolates to sprinkles.

The Nutritional Benefits of Frozen Yoghurt

  • Frozen Yoghurt contains good bacteria.

Unlike regular ice cream or desserts, frozen yoghurt is way healthier because it contains good bacteria, or probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that can benefit gut health as they help breakdown fat and protein in the gut. It also treats diarrhoea and reduces bowel irritation or inflammation.

  • Lactose content is reduced.

For those of you who are lactose intolerant, there’s good news for you. Because frozen yoghurt contains fewer lactose molecules, the chances of bloating, gas, and pain are greatly reduced. Moreover, since frozen yoghurt contains probiotics, small amounts of dairy products do not cause any harm to your gut, as probiotics break down some lactose in the process.

  • Can improve bone health

Because frozen yoghurt contains milk, milk powder, and yoghurt, it is natural that it contains calcium and protein. These two nutrients are essential for promoting bone health.

  • It is lower in calories.

If you are watching your weight and/or don’t want to compromise on quality desserts, you can always switch to frozen yoghurt because these contain far fewer calories (compared to regular ice cream) thanks to the use of milk. Milk can either be regular milk, skim milk, or low-fat milk or milk powder. And since milk in general is a lot lower in fat and calories than cream, it becomes the better choice.

Frozen Yoghurt versus Ice Cream

There is a lot of confusion about whether frozen yoghurt is healthier than ice cream. And truth be told, it is.

Frozen yogurt that is made with skim milk, low-fat milk, or milk powder and that uses natural sweeteners is way healthier than ice cream. Because ice cream is made with cream, it is higher in fat content and also contains more calories.

The sugar content usually varies between frozen yogurt brands. Some brands use as much sugar in their froyos as they do in their ice creams. Therefore, always make sure to check the labels before indulging in your favourite dessert.

One way to know for sure whether the frozen yoghurt you are eating is actually healthy is by making it at home. With our frozen yoghurt kit, you can customize your froyo as you please. Our kit ensures a soft, fluffy texture that will melt in your mouth with each bite. Check out our website and Buy Yogurt Helado Froyo

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