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IQOS User Guide

IQOS User Guide

IQOS warms tobacco without using fire, ash, or odor. This is an alternative for smokers who want to continue to smoke but prefer real tobacco flavor and satisfaction.

IQOS is an acronym for precision heat control technology, advanced science, and outstanding quality assurance. IQOS can transform the tobacco industry’s future as well as the lives of many adult smokers. The brand motto sums up this promise and the innovative nature of IQOS: This changes everything. The hummingbird symbolizes mobility and metamorphosis. The hummingbird was an ancient tobacco bird.

IQOS is not a nicotine replacement. IQOS represents the latest in tobacco pleasure. Research has shown that IQOS significantly reduces the amount of potentially harmful and toxic elements in the aerosol when compared to cigarette smoking. In laboratory experiments, IQOS tobacco vapor was shown to be significantly less harmful than smoking a reference cigarette. You can purchase fiit regular online.

However, the scientific data available in laboratory settings has not allowed for conclusive conclusions on the risk of using IQOS. These preliminary findings are encouraging. However, further research is needed to assess the risk reduction of IQOS among adult users.

IQOS Application

Three important pieces are needed to begin using IQOS.

  • The portable charger
  • The owner The tobacco cigarette
  • Insert the Holder into your Pocket Charger and Charge it.

Simply insert your cigarette stick into the Holder. Take 6 minutes or 14 puffs of tobacco with a cigarette stick


The IQOS Holder & Pocket Charger have been tested and built to withstand 7300 encounters. The Holder should be hand-cleaned daily to ensure a longer life span and excellent flavor. Follow the user manual’s instructions.

Fully charged IQOS Pocket Chargers can charge the Holder as many as 20 times. The USB and power adaptors that come with the device can be used to charge the smartphone. The IQOS Pocket Charger takes around 90 minutes to charge completely.

To allow the Holder to charge, it must be shut off. If the Holder contains a tobacco stick, the Pocket Charger’s clasp won’t close. The Holder may be used with the Pocket Charger or without it. While the Pocket Charger does require a full charge for its operation, it is recommended that you fully charge it before your first use.


For optimal flavor, we recommend cleaning your Holder’s heating tip, along with its surrounding region, and cap, at least once a day, using the IQOS cleaner and cleaning stick.

  • Remove the cap completely from the item before you clean it.
  • The cap of the holder can be removed and washed in running water. Let the cap dry completely before you replace it.
  • Never clean the Holder caps or cleaning tools with solvents, chemicals, or volatiles.

Cigarette Vs. IQOS

IQOS is a real substitute for cigarette smoking. It has real tobacco flavor, without the smoke of cigarettes, ash, or fire, and it is much less unpleasant. IQOS warms the tobacco, not burns it. It makes an aerosol with a strong tobacco flavor.

Adult smokers need to give up smoking because of IQOS.

  • An entirely new way to taste the tobacco. You can unleash the true flavor of tobacco by heating it.
  • Significantly lower amounts of hazardous chemicals, and significantly fewer odors than cigarette smoking
  • IQOS replicates many of the ceremonial and sensory aspects of smoking. The average experience lasts about the same length as smoking cigarettes.
  • Tobacco sticks made from professionally selected tobacco are prepared to taste and enjoy the same as adult smokers.

Switzerland’s laboratory investigated the effect of IQOS aerosol and cigarette smoking on tooth discoloration. Teeth that were exposed to cigarette smoke were more discolored than those that were exposed to IQOS aerosol.

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