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Dr. Richard Nahas Delves into Ways to Manage Chronic Pain Naturally

Manage Chronic Pain Naturally


According to Dr. Richard Nahas, about 1 in 5 people suffer from chronic pain in the US. Now, although using over-the-counter medications and pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can help you manage the symptoms of chronic pain, they can create negative side effects on your health over the long term. That is why it is important to find natural ways of dealing with chronic pain which can help you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Here are a few tips you can follow to naturally manage chronic pain:

1. Participate in low-intensity exercise sessions 

Most certified medical professionals suggest you maintain an exercise routine to improve the overall fitness of your body. When you participate in resistance training or weight-lifting sessions, your body releases natural painkillers known as endorphins which increase your pain threshold and also elevate your mood.

However, it is important to work your way up to more intense exercise sessions slowly if you suffer from any physical injury or conditions. The best way to get started is to participate in low-intensity exercise sessions and over time, it will help to improve common chronic pain conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, and more.

2. Practice yoga and meditation 

Yoga incorporates self-care, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and stretching to relieve stress and anxiety. It is like a complete physical therapy that helps to manage many painful conditions such as joint pain, neck pain, lower back pain, arthritis, and even fibromyalgia.

Practising mindfulness meditation can also enable you to relax your mind and keep your focus away from the pain to manage your life better. When you combine mindfulness meditation with yoga, it can greatly improve your quality of life.

3. Include turmeric in your diet

Turmeric has been used as a herbal remedy for reducing pain for a long time. The active ingredient in turmeric is known as Curcuma which contains definite pain-relieving properties as effective as ibuprofen. You can include turmeric in your diet by adding it to curries, juices, and smoothies to enjoy its anti-inflammatory effects on your body and manage chronic pain better.

4. Consume ginger 

According to a study, ingesting about 2 grams of ginger every day can reduce muscle pain caused due to running and exercising. Plus, it has also been shown to reduce inflammation related to exercise and accelerate recovery.

5. Use lavender and rosemary essential oil 

Many people use lavender essential oil to help them relax, sleep, and ease anxiety. It can also be used for relieving pain associated with migraine headaches by inhaling. However, don’t ingest the oil since it can be toxic to your body. You just have to apply the essential oil topically after diluting it in a carrier oil such as olive oil.

Similarly, you can also use rosemary essential oil in the same way to treat muscle and bone pain, and headaches, relax smooth muscles and boost your memory.


Dr. Richard Nahas suggests you chew cloves to manage toothaches. According to a study, it has been found that cloves can be as effective at treating tooth pain as benzocaine gel. It is also believed that cloves contain antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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