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7 Things You Must Know About Depression


Depression is not merely a feeling of sadness. But it is a much more complex medical situation that can be caused by a number of factors ranging from biological, genetic, hormonal, situation-based or psychological. Sometimes it could be difficult to ascertain what triggers depression. However, a little understanding about other facets of it might help one to deal with it in a better manner. Given below are some facts about depression which you should know.

1. There isn’t always a specific reason for depression to be triggered, anything can lead to it-

Depression may not always be a result of a specific traumatic, stress-induced trigger. Sometimes, a loss (of a person, a job, a relationship or anything else) may cause it. At times, there just isn’t something you can put your finger on. Feelings don’t always need a specific, solid reason; depression also doesn’t.

2. Genes can have a role to play-

In some cases, if there is a history of depression in the family, the chances of an individual falling prey to depression increase. While it isn’t mandatory that if someone in the family- a parent or a sibling has depression, then you will also get it, just that you become more prone to it.

3. It doesn’t just affect the mind, it has repercussions for the body also-

While depression is linked to an imbalance in hormones and/or neurotransmitters, it is not just the mind that gets affected. Depression can have impacts such as headaches, body aches and pains, digestive issues, alterations in appetite and sleeping patterns, weight issues, low energy, fatigue, loss of hope/enthusiasm/interest in various activities.

4. Someone who is depressed might not even look depressed-

Do you think you can figure out if somebody is depressed by simply looking at them? Well, it is not that simple to diagnose depression. Someone might appear happy, cheerful, and enthusiastic on the surface, but internally they might be struggling to cope and be depressed. Depression is often hidden, especially when mental health issues are taboo.

5. First treatment might not always work-

Treatment of depression can involve the use of antidepressants. With a doctor’s prescription, one can get anti depressant medicine online    (check Healthskool Pharmacy, a leading pharmacist and provide home-delivery of medicines). However, some people may need to try different drugs before finding antidepressants that work effectively for them.

6. Sometimes, a combination of both therapy and medication might be needed-

There is no one-rule-fits-all while treating depression. Some people may recover with antidepressants, while others may need therapy. Therapy can be in various forms- cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, supportive counselling, psychoanalytic counselling, etc. In some cases, both treatment, as well as medications, might be needed. Treatment of depression involves the use of varied strategies, and it is the prerogative of the doctor/consulting psychiatrist to see what works best for a given patient.

7. Lifestyle changes can help-

Keeping oneself physically active and fit helps a lot as physical activity helps in stimulating certain chemicals and hormones in the body that improve mood. In addition to physical activity (exercising, meditating, yoga, etc.), adopting healthier food habits, having ample water, and taking supportive nutrients like vitamins and minerals helps keep the brain functions optimal (get multivitamin tablets online from Healthskool Pharmacy). A combination of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle helps better manage depression.

While depression is nothing uncommon, it is usually misunderstood a lot. It can affect anyone- children, youth, middle-aged people, older adults- anyone. Any hesitancy about getting correct treatment or delay in seeking medical help might also prove fatal, as depression can lead to suicide as well. However, with an empathetic approach, and correct care, it can easily be dealt with. The trick is to accept, seek help and get healthy with medical/emotional support.

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