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What to do in case of an allergic reaction to the skin?

skin allergy

It’s a bit of a shock when you suddenly see a rash on your skin. Did you know that one in four people develop a skin allergy at some point? Our skin is the largest organ of our body and at the same time an indicator of our health. There are many different types of rashes, but what are you currently experiencing and what can you do to treat it?

What is a skin allergy?

Everyone is blessed with an immune system. This protects our body against harmful substances from the outside. When you are allergic to a certain substance, your body reacts to it. Think of pollen, dust mites, a wasp sting, you name it. We call these allergens. This will manifest itself in an allergic reaction to the skin such as red bumps, eczema, itching, ..

How do you get an allergic reaction?

If you are allergic, you have been in contact with the allergen before . Your body recognizes these allergens and sees them as unwanted invaders. This triggers an allergic reaction. The recognition and response of the body to an allergenic substance is also called sensitization. Your body suddenly becomes very sensitive to this substance. It is therefore possible that people do not have an allergy for years, and then still become allergic to a certain substance. Do you suffer from hay fever? Read all about it in our blog about hay fever symptoms and treatments.

What can give you an allergic reaction?

There are several factors that influence the development of an allergy. A number of factors such as heredity, hygiene and lifestyle are known to have a greater or lesser effect on the development of an allergy. However, much is still unknown about this subject. Allergens can be found in many things such as food, medicines, hair, cosmetics, fur or poison from animals and insects, or simply in the air . Here we think of hay fever.

What to do in case of an allergic reaction?

 Do you suffer from an allergic reaction, but are you not sure what you are allergic to? Then visit your doctor or pharmacist.  Your pharmacist can provide prescription-free medication and advice about the various creams and products for allergies. You can also keep a diary to track when your allergy flares up. You might find out that you are allergic to your favorite foundation, or maybe to a certain type of food. The general practitioner prescribes allergy pens (EpiPen) for people with a life-threatening allergy.

Provide good skin care with neutral skin products . This reduces the risk of a skin allergy. Perfume and certain preservatives in cosmetic products are proven culprits for your skin. In addition to nutritional supplements with an anti-allergy effect, it is also wise to use additional skin care. Therefore, use the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra range and Aveline Caracalla care . These products will soothe and soften allergic skin. Start by cleaning the skin well first. Then apply a soothing cream. If your eyes are irritated and/or swollen, you can also apply a special eye cream such as La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye Cream.

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