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What is a good diet for weight loss?

weight loss

Losing weight can be done in many ways, but not all of them are healthy and effective over a longer period of time. Atkins, Montignac, Food Hourglass, Sonja Bakker, detoxing or the Primal Diet: if one would work for a long time, the rest would not be necessary. So you see: the miracle diet unfortunately does not exist. Rather choose a responsible diet, where you gradually lose weight and still get all the nutrients.

Can’t last long

When your energy intake is lower than your energy consumption, a weight loss diet ensures weight loss. Are you on an energy-restricted diet for a long time? This can lead to a deficiency of certain nutrients. When you follow a weight loss diet with a very low energy intake, your muscle mass also decreases excessively. This is undesirable. Many people do not stick to a weight loss diet for long because it is too strict, too one-sided or too impractical. Moreover, weight loss is usually not permanent, because a permanent healthy lifestyle is not taught.

Rather choose a responsible diet, where you gradually lose weight and still get all the nutrients. Read the main criticisms of known weight loss diets .

Achieving a healthy weight permanently

Do you want to gradually and permanently gain a healthy weight and learn a healthy diet? Then follow the advice of the Nutrition Center.

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