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What is a Bachelor of Nursing training?

Nursing training

The Bachelor of Nursing and Obstetrics is a training designed to prepare professionals who provide nursing care. For this, a charitable and cultural orientation is implemented to transmit good coverage to the Mexican population that attends health centres.

Preserving health in the maternal-infant environment requires monitoring and response by nursing. For this reason, processes and treatment are implemented in midwifery situations and other needs of this nature.

This discipline focuses on medical care at the obstetrics level; that is, it covers the field of maternity and childbirth. At the same time, the practice of this degree requires commitment and compliance with the following entry profile for more excellent compatibility:

  • Understanding and empathy about the medical processes of obstetrics.
  • Basic knowledge of Biological Sciences.
  • Notion on the chemistry of health.
  • Interest in the functioning of living organisms.
  • Attachment and positive interaction with society.
  • Good level of assertive communication.
  • Ability to research and teamwork.
  • Subsequently, the Bachelor of Nursing and Obstetrics approval generates an attractive professional profile. This happens when acquiring the following egress profile:
  • Ability to offer delivery and newborn care.
  • Issuance of solutions to obstetric health problems.
  • Application of the basic principles of nursing.
  • A comprehensive vocation to care for patients.

Study Modality

How the Bachelor of Nursing and Obstetrics is issued is face-to-face, complying with much more practical teaching. In this way, the curriculum has a personal development from the classroom that facilitates understanding.

Consider studying the Bachelor of Nursing and Obstetrics at UNAM if:

  • You want to practice health care in the field of obstetrics.
  • You are passionate about the field of health sciences and maternity.
  • You are looking for an avant-garde university recognised for the educational quality provided.

How long is the Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery?

The UNAM Bachelor of Nursing and Obstetrics last around four years since it is an 8-semester degree. It is an excellent opportunity through an acceptable duration to divide each topic of study or subject in a balanced way.

Study Plan for the Degree in Nursing and Obstetrics at UNAM

The credits behind the Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery curriculum are 403 in total. In addition, there are 45 subjects, where the following stand out:

First semester

  • Epistemology of Nursing Care.
  • pharmacology i
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Person I.
  • Social Systems of the Person.
  • Nutrition in Health Care.

Second semester

  • Nursing Models and Theories.
  • Pharmacology II.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Personnel II.
  • Man-Environment Interaction.
  • Diagnostic Methods of Most Frequent Use in the Assessment of the Person.

Third semester

  • Hospital Community Nursing.
  • Fourth semester
  • Reproductive Health Nursing.
  • Elective I and II.

Fifth semester

  • Nursing in Child and Adolescent Health.

Sixth semester

  • Adult Health Nursing.

Seventh semester

  • Independent care.
  • Quantitative Research Methods.
  • Nursing Education.

Eighth semester

  • Qualitative Research Methods.
  • Management of Nursing Services.

Costs of the Degree in Nursing and Obstetrics at UNAM

The fees of the National Autonomous University of Mexico do not generate difficulties since it is a public institution. Although, you must keep in mind the coverage of specific administrative fees and contributions that vary for each career and modality. 

Apart from the good economic options to study at UNAM, it has financing and scholarships that cover study expenses. This is important for international students, and the institution belongs to the National Scholarship and Financing Program applied in Mexico.

Nursing care in public and private health centres.

  • Generation of courses and training in the field of education.
  • Coverage of family medicine units.
  • Assistance during childbirth and the development of the newborn.
  • Participation in clinics for women’s care and prenatal care.
  • Behind the Bachelor of Nursing and Obstetrics, there is a broad labour field due to the need for good medical care at the national level. Likewise, UNAM has a good reputation on job boards nationwide, where you can apply confidently.

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