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Not Sure About Non-Invasive Face Lifts?

Face Lifts

Ultherapy (Merz Aesthetics) is the only FDA-cleared device with a nonsurgical skin lifting indication, and its applications are spreading. Researchers have discovered that the device actually does make a difference to skin physiology, and the majority of patients are pleased with their results.

Skin has been one of the most pressing concerns by women — especially when they see signs of aging. This potentially lessens their self-esteem and becomes negatively impacted by the idea. can help bring back the confidence that was once lost through their various facial enhancement procedures.

However, I also use it off-label to improve the laxity along the knees, which is a common source of complaint among women, including laxity that contributes to cellulite on the buttocks and posterior thighs. In addition, I use it to treat laxity in the abdomen and the posterior arms, she explains. 

Best Practices and Scientific Research

Researchers in the field of dermatology revealed as early as 2012 that transcutaneous intense focused ultrasound was both safe and successful when used to improve the clinical appearance of the upper arms, extensor knees, and medial thighs, including the texture and contour of the upper arms.

1 In 2014, researchers published a study stating that “[micro-focused ultrasound with visualization] MFU-V is an effective, noninvasive method for reducing skin laxity and improving the appearance of skin above the knee, similar to its safety and efficacy for tightening facial skin and reducing wrinkles.The use of visualization to customize ultherapy treatment rather than implementing a conventional protocol with no consideration for the tissue being treated, according to Dr. Fabi can help providers achieve best results. 

Real-Time Imaging of Tissue

As a result, she explains, Ultherapy provides an indication for real-time imaging of tissue. I believe that the average public believes that if you merely offer heat, you will get the desired effect. It has been demonstrated that when you visualize the tissue that you’re intending to treat not just fat or firing in the air or firing in gel, but actually able to visualize the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), any superficial fascial system, as well as the dermis – you will achieve superior results.

According to a recent basic science study, micro-focused ultrasound with visualization has no effect on epidermal barrier function or skin physiology, but it does result in a significant increase in skin elasticity at 12 and 24 weeks after a single treatment, indicating that the procedure is effective.

Patient Satisfaction

In addition, patient satisfaction with ulthera is relatively good, according to Real Self statistics published on March 8, 2019, which reveal that consumers gave Ultherapy an 80 percent Worth It rating based on more than 1,100 reviews.In a study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in January 2019, researchers assessed 52 Ultherapy patients six months following treatment and discovered that 41 percent of those who participated felt the treatment outcome met or exceeded their expectations.

Final Say

5 In contrast, 52 percent of those who participated in the study needed to look at photographs to see post-treatment changes. Half of those who received Ultherapy thought they appeared years younger, and nearly three-quarters said they would suggest it to others. Having realistic expectations is important.Clinicians must inform patients that Ultherapy is a medical procedure and that, as a result, some form of analgesia will be required.

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