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Just add water: Keith Kosco shares 5 benefits of swimming

benefits of swimming

Your workout routine needs a little splash.

Swimming isn’t just fun in the sun. In fact, it is one of the best total-body exercises. Backed by science, swimming yields countless physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

And, Keith Kosco has made this his business. Literally. As Marketing Director for Pool Brokers USA, he sells in-ground, fiberglass pools across 33 states. More than most, the Williamsburg VA resident knows the advantage of having a backyard pool.

Keith Kosco is hoping others will dive right in too. Using his experience, he shares five “swim-pressive” reasons to incorporate swimming into your own fitness regime.

Develop strength

Swimmers stay fit. Running and lifting weights typically target only a specific set of muscle groups at a time. By comparison, swimming is a full-body workout. Legs, arms, and core are all activated. Every stroke and kick produces toned and defined muscles. It also leads to increased mass and strength. Repetition and consistent resistance guarantees every part of the body is taxed equally.

Melt away calories

Any exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. Swimming slashes this time in half. Labeled as a vigorous-intensity exercise, swimming requires more exertion. This output makes swimming one of the most efficient and proven methods for burning calories.

Lower impact on the body

You’ve heard the cliche, “no pain, no gain.” But it doesn’t have to be this way. High-intensity workouts can also lead to sore joints, hurt ankles, and aching knees. By contrast, swimming produces less wear and tear on the body. Because of this, Keith Kosco recommends cross-training, combining swimming with other strenuous exercises. He also points out that the low impact makes swimming ideal for individuals facing chronic illnesses that make other workouts challenging, like asthma, arthritis, and disability

Improve mental performance

The advantages aren’t just physical. Swimming is good for your brain too. Like yoga, this activity can be calming and restorative. Significant research has linked swimming with reductions in anxiety, stress, and depression. Yet it may also make you smarter as well. For Keith Kosco, this is one surprising and unexpected byproduct of the sport. According to one study, children who began swimming at a young age saw increased motor skills. These test subjects also demonstrated higher-order math and language concepts.

Boosts overall wellness

All these benefits add up. Swimming supports physical, mental, and emotional wellness across the board. Any exercise will ward off long-term illness and health problems. However, swimming is especially helpful. Because of its cardiovascular boosts, swimming typically results in reduced risks of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. But the advantages don’t stop there. A University of South Carolina study, conducted over a span of 32 years, concluded that regular, frequent swimmers faced a lower death rate when compared to non-swimmers. In short, swimming improves the quality of life. But, it may lengthen your life too.

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