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Illuma Onefrom IQOS – The Cutting-Edge Heated Tobacco Product

Heated Tobacco Products

The IQOS has been introduced as the cutting-edge heated tobacco product that has raised the interest of a huge number of smokers. This is the latest IQOS device that simply warms the tobacco and offers a unique smoking experience with no ash, smoke, or harmful chemical ingredients that are generated due to the burning of tobacco.

What is Iluma One?

The Iluma One from IQOS combines the features of the original IQOS with the sleek design of Iluma and longer battery life. It is like a boon for the users. This all-in-one device is an improved version of the most popular IQOS device that requires no cleaning. It has a longer battery life and perfect temperature control. It can be used with other gadgets that use the low-energy protocol of Bluetooth.

Hence, this is a device that looks like a tobacco cigarette but works on the technique of heat-not-burn tobacco. It is like a vape but different as it has a vaporisation chamber that requires a tobacco stick.

This vapourisation chamber heats the tobacco in the stick creating a vapour that the user inhales. Iluma One offers the convenience of smoking a cigarette but with a much lower level of tar, nicotine, and other harmful compounds.

Where to buy the best Iluma One?

Sticks Sale, the best online UK store sells all popular and reputed brands of IQOS products alongwith heatsticks and Terea sticks for IQOS Iluma. You will get the most authentic brand new 2022 IQOS Iluma One that is designed in Switzerland and developed by Swiss Morris international. They ship the orders from their offices to different countries depending on the product’s availability. The product quality of Stick Sales can be trusted as their good name and experience have been built over the years in the market.

Specifications of Iluma One

Iluma One from IQOS is the fourth generation of heated tobacco product devices available in the world. The pocket device follows the induction heat technique and once charged for 90 minutes, it can be used 20 consecutive times.

This all-in-one design requires no cleaning and is just perfect to be used everyday and anywhere. It is available in a range of colours like Sunset Red, Azure Blue, Moss Green, Pebble Beige, and Pebble Gray.

The device is designed to be used with only Terea heating sticks. Avoid using IQOS Iluma and Terea sticks with the older version of IQOS as it may damage the device.

Why should you choose Iluma One?

The top reasons for choosing Iluma One are:

The device is compact and lightweight that can be easily carried anywhere in your pocket

It does not need to be cleaned after each usage.

It can be used 20 times with a single charge.

There are a variety of colors to choose that matches your style.

You can enjoy personalizing the device by combining it with different accessories.

Iluma One from IQOS is a great option for people who want an electronic cigarette that can be easily carried around and offer a stylish look. So, go for it and enjoy the benefits of Iluma One.

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