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How to Use Lifting Straps

Use Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are essential tools for weightlifters who desire to increase their grip strength and to focus on certain muscles without the disadvantage of hand fatigue. Straps can be effectively employed by wrapping them snugly around the barbell or dumbbell handle and flattening them against the hand palm. Feed your hand through the loop so that the extra strap will dangle freely.

Tighten the strap by pulling it snugly up the bar and hold it firmly. During lift stages, look to engage your target muscle and allow the straps to support your grip, which will reduce your hand and forearm strain. Do not forget to keep good form and raise the weight gradually as you get used to using the lifting straps in order to maximize your strength training routine

Below we discuss how to use lifting straps.

Loop Insertion

Shove your hand through the integral part of the lifting site. Check that the loop can be put on your wrist without any tightening and is open enough to allow your hand to freely move.

At this stage, the wrap is held firmly by the hand through explaining why this is good for secure grip and maximum support in lifting.

Strap Tightening

Following the movement of your hand through the rings, snugly place the hand bar on the bars of the dumbbells or barbells. Tighten the excess strap to ensure that the wearer gets a good fit and the bag sits comfortably.

The strapping works by stopping the slippage of the strap, hence enhancing stability and grip strength. Therefore, proper fastening is necessary when putting the strapping on during lifts.

Grip Adjustment

All right, now we are going to fasten the strap on the lifting belt. Make sure that the fastener is securely closed, before adjusting the grip on the barbell or dumbbell. A firm grip serves for a tight hold on the lifting strap.

Meanwhile, the strap will take over helping the wrist and hand. Keep the exercised parts fallowing without too much grip tension, so that your workout is maximally effective.

Lift Execution

Whether with the moving straps or stability ones or with the safe grip, continue to the lift. Keep your proper technique and the right pilot the whole workout. You should do slow movements with full muscle involvement.

When used effectively, thus, the straps should be there to give the additional support, hence enabling you to take heavier weights, focus on some particular muscle groups at a time instead of having all of them work.

Gradual Progression

As you establish the shooting straps usage, you should start adding more weight to the lifts you do. Begin with light weights to get a hang of straps and then go for heavier one step by step.

The progressive nature of this training strategy gives a chance to grow strength and muscle endurance while simultaneously reducing the possibility of the accident.


The above article has discussed everything you need to know about lifting straps. By following the designated methodology, you will successfully use the straps to assist your lifts which will help you alter the specific parts that you want to work on and lift heavier weights with no fear at all.

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