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Hand Injuries and Conditions that Require Surgery

Hand Injuries

We perform many of our daily tasks and activities using our hands, which means they also have a risk of getting hurt during strenuous or repetitive physical activities. While some injuries only need medicine or physiotherapy to heal, others may need surgery in order to get better.

Some hand conditions and injuries that require surgery include;

Hand and Wrist fractures

Fractures can occur when someone falls on an outstretched hand and the symptoms include swelling, bruising, bent wrist and pain when using the hand. Severe fractures need surgery for full healing.

Ligament wounds

When ligaments in the wrist are damaged, they can cause complications in the long run. Separated or torn ligaments need surgery to heal.


Some gruesome accidents may cause loss of thumbs or fingers and in such instances, one would need to undergo surgical reattachment in order to regain hand function.

Nerve injuries

People with injured nerves may have poor muscle operation or lack of sensation and may require surgical nerve repair to get better.


Osteoarthritis occurs when the space between the joints narrows, the cartilage is worn out and bone begins rubbing on bone. Surgical treatment requires replacing the arthritic bone with a tendon.

Hand surgeons also treat many other wounds like lacerations and overuse syndromes. If you feel hand pain, swelling or bruising that causes discomfort, reach out to a professional hand surgeon who can evaluate and treat it.

To achieve amazing results, it is best to choose an experienced orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand and wrist surgeries. Dr. Gregory Kolovich is an award-winning hand doctor based in Savannah, Georgia. He is also the cofounder and CMO of Oxos Medical, a developer of orthopedic imaging devices. Dr. Kolovich is also the President of the Georgia Society for Surgery of the Hand, Dr. Kolovich utilizes is expertise, mechanical skills, vast knowledge, accuracy, and efficiency in helping people who suffer from hand injuries and disorders to regain their hand function and improve the quality of their life. See his 5-star testimonials at Healthgrades.

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