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Can You Approve a DNA Test If Your Instinct Suggests The Baby Is Not Yours!

Baby Is Not Yours

The first bond between the parents and the newborn is precious. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the mother has an instinct that the infant she holds in her arms is not theirs. Should they trust their intuition that the baby they hold is not theirs!

There have been families who had to experience suspicion while raising their babies. The happy occasion had transformed into uncertainty and suspicion. There have been cases where couples were given the wrong baby by the hospital. The couples decided to take a legal DNA test to find out if their case was associated with mistaken identity. The switched babies were reunified with their families and legal actions were taken against the hospital with the aim that no family must experience such moments full of uncertainty and doubts.

Why did the parents choose to take a DNA test?

if you are wondering, why the parents waited for some time before choosing to have the legal parenting testing process performed.

  • The first possible reason to avoid DNA tests for checking their infant’s identity is it was hyped to be invasive or extremely expensive.
  • Another reason that parents wait to talk about their doubts is they don’t know how to communicate with one another. It is an uncomfortable topic but needs open communication.
  • Some parents get to stay away from getting legal parenting testing to avoid heartbreak as they love the baby and feel a strong parental bond.

Fortunately, there is a lot of evolution in the health sector. DNA testing has developed and you will be surprised to know that it is not just affordable, but can conveniently be done at home. You can buy home DNA test kits at the local stores. For court admissible DNA test, the couples need to choose a court-approved lab. You can choose an online platform like PaternityUSA for 100% accurate results. It is AABB accredited and offers legal DNA test results accepted as evidence widely for paternity cases.

What are AABB guidelines needed for legal paternity tests?

It orders that the DNA collection has to be performed in the presence of valid medical professionals. Besides, there is also a need for test participants’ consent. The medical professional, who collects the DNA sample, has to be unbiased. AABB accredits labs that are advanced and staffed with competent Ph.D. geneticists. It ensures that risks of contamination and integrity of your swabs are safely maintained.

The PaternityUSA legal paternity test sends the collection kit to your doctor or professional collection service provider in your locality directly. The DNA sample collection has to follow strict AABB requirements or the results can be rejected in court. The DNA sample is collected by a doctor or professional collector, sealed, and sent directly to the Paternity USA lab.

If there is no open communication…. then the doubt can strain the family. It can even make the kid have doubts as they grow old. Obviously, parents don’t need to be biological to raise or bond with a baby.

If you find yourself in such a situation of identity mistake of your newborn then trust your intuition and act fast. A Paternity test for court is the best way to have peace of mind and enjoy the moments with your child.

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