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Are dental veneers worth it?

dental veneers

A radiant smile is a quest until you succeed. While most people find it embarrassing to have discolored or chipped teeth, veneers emerged as a stunning solution. It is a game changer in cosmetic dentistry. Also, their popularity keeps growing alongside their merits. It is surprising to see the tiny thin shells that bring an aesthetic look. They are useful in masking the imperfections and enhancing the facial features. These customized shells are easy to fix on the surface of the teeth and cover issues like misalignment of teeth. The final result after completing the process appeals to everyone. They are known for their transformative solutions to achieve flawless smiles. Enhanced aesthetics, help to boost personal confidence and improve personality. Look for Dentiste à Montréal to delve into purposeful considerations within this cosmetic dental procedure.

Let us see if Dental Veneers are Worth It.

1. Cosmetic Enhancement 

Cosmetic solutions are not a far-fetched dream in today’s world. With veneers, one can keep the natural set of teeth without disturbing the bone structure or jawline. Most people find it difficult to have a symmetrical smile and  Veneers offer a brilliant answer to this issue. Due to foods and beverages that leave stains on teeth, it gets embarrassing to have a social life. Veneers conceal the stains with bright shiny covers to the natural teeth.

2. Minimally Invasive Procedure

It is a relatively more comfortable option than any other treatment. It creates very little alteration of the natural teeth structure. The process ensures precision and accuracy with the latest technologies. It uses digital scans to get detailed measurements of the teeth, it makes perfect customized guides and fabrication of veneers in the dental lab. The dentist removes a thin layer of the surface of the teeth and during the procedure, local anesthesia is commonly administered. The shells are then fixed on the surface of the teeth.

3. The durability of the materials

The cosmetic procedure is strong and comes across as a very durable one. These long-lasting veneers come from strong materials like composite resin and porcelain; the advantages of porcelain and composite resin are known to everyone. They are amongst the strongest materials that can withhold and resist fluctuating temperatures. They are bonded with the teeth with advanced technologies and secure natural looking teeth. With proper usage and maintenance these veneers can be enjoyed for a lifetime, normally they last for 10 to 15 years but with proper maintenance they can be used for even more years. Since they come from strong materials they avoid discoloration.

4. Versatility in the application process

Different types of adhesives are used in veneer application, most commonly used are resin cements these can be categorized into two types mainly light-cured and dual-cured. The resin cement which is light cured makes the adhesive hard which offers a quick  and precision bonding process. The dual-cured resin cements combine flexibility in light activation and self-curing properties. Even in this method the bond is strong in areas where the light exposure has constraint.

LEDs known as light emitting diode curing lights and  halogen curing lights are the two types of lights in the veneer process. LED lights give the patient utmost efficiency and lasting results along with the ability to cure the materials in less time.  Halogen lights are not commonly used even though they offer effective curing of resin materials which are useful in veneer bonding. Both of these adhesives offer long-lasting result for teeth restorations with veneers

To Sum Up;

Thus, Veneers have a great reputation for versatility in the application process and are customised based on the dental anatomy of individual patients. Everyone has a different tooth structure, bone structure and jawline, technologies used like CAD/CAM can help in measuring teeth structure properly.

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