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7 Things You Should Not Do With Anti Aging Serum For Dry And Oily Skin

Serum For Dry And Oily Skin


Skin care has become a very important part of our daily lives. The number of anti-aging serums in the market is increasing day by day but choosing from them becomes difficult due to the lack of knowledge about the products available and how they work on your skin. In this article, we will discuss some tips for using anti ageing face serum for dry skin along with an oil control serum that can be used for oily skin. We will also discuss how these products can help in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and other issues related to aging skin.

1. Avoid Applying Too Much

If you have dry skin, it’s important to use a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, since this ingredient can increase moisture levels in the skin and prevent dehydration. However, if you apply too much anti-ageing serum on your face or neck, it may cause redness and irritation, as well as breakouts in some cases. When applying products such as cream or moisturizer with SPF into your face or neck area, be sure not to overdo it by using too much product at once because this could cause an allergic reaction like itching sensation which will likely lead to redness before finally healing itself over time.”

2. Don’t Apply Moisturizer Before Serum

When you apply a moisturizer before your serum, it can sit on top of the skin and clog pores. This will make blemishes worse and prevent the serum from having a positive effect on your skin. Moisturizers should always be applied after serums so that they can sink into the skin fully and allow you to get maximum benefits from them. If you need to use both types of products at once (e.g., if you have dry patches), then apply them in this order: serum -> moisturizer -> eye cream/face cream

3. Don’t Forget To Apply Serum On Your Neck

The neck is one area of the body that deserves just as much attention as the face. This is because it is made up of skin that is more delicate than facial skin, but also because it often gets neglected.

The neck can be a target for sun damage and signs of aging, so you should make sure to apply anti-aging serums there as well. One thing you should know about applying anti-aging serums to this area: Do not rub them in too hard! If you are using an oil-based serum, it might cause irritation if you massage your neck with too much force.

4. Please Avoid Applying Toners Or Any Other Products After The Serum Application

If you love toners, then we have some bad news for you. That’s because using toners after the application of an anti ageing serum is not a good idea at all. Toner can cause dryness in case of oily skin, while it may cause greasiness in case of dry skin. It can also interfere with the absorption of your serum and make it ineffective. Moreover, if any irritation occurs on your face due to this step then it will be difficult for you to use the product again without experiencing further problems. So be sure not to apply any other product after using an anti ageing serum!

5. For Daily Use, At Least A Mid-Range Product Will Serve The Purpose

It is recommended that you use a minimum of 0.5ml serum per day, and if you have oily or acne-prone skin, then 1ml will be better for you. For dry skin, it’s best to stick to 2ml – 3ml each time; whereas if your skin is normal and mature, then 4ml – 5ml should do the trick! In case of sensitive skin types where products clog pores more easily, we recommend applying less than 1 ml every week (for example: on Monday morning instead of daily application at night).

To sum up: when using an anti-ageing product regularly over a long period of time (more than 12 months), use as little product as possible while still feeling satisfied with the results. This can help save some money while still achieving good results!

6. Avoid Using More Than One Type Of Anti-Aging Serum

  • Using more than one type of anti-aging serum will have a negative effect on your skin.
  • You should only use one type of anti aging face serum for optimal results and not mix with other creams and serums for dry or oily skin, unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer.
  • It is best to use the best anti aging serum available as they are formulated specifically to address different concerns that arise with age like wrinkles, dark spots or puffiness around the eyes etc., depending on what you want to target first before moving onto another issue later down the road when it becomes necessary after some time passes between applications (ie: every week).

7. Don’t Over-Apply Or Under Apply The Serum On Face And Neck Area

Oziva Anti-Aging Serum can be used on both dry and oily skin. However, it is important that you apply the right amount of serum and do not over or under apply it.

Over-application of this product may cause clogging of pores which will prevent your skin from breathing properly. Under application will also not give desired results because oziva anti aging serums work best when they absorb into the upper layers of skin where they can work their magic at repairing damaged cells, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while also nourishing the lower layers with antioxidants that help boost collagen production (which helps reduce sagging).


There are some things that you should never do with a serum, and these tips will help you to make the most out of your skin care routine. The best thing about these serums is that they work well on all skin types, so no matter what type of skin you have, there’s always an option for you.

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