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5 Ways to Support Your Dog’s Joint Health

Support Your Dog’s Joint Health

As you age, your body functions start to decline. The same happens in animals. Your dog can develop arthritis with age and other joint-related issues. Joint issues result from wear and tear or when they overstrain. While dogs are vulnerable to joint issues as they age, some are at a higher risk. For instance, obese dogs, athletic dogs, and diabetic and working dogs face a high risk of developing joint issues. As the dog owner, you are responsible for ensuring your dog’s joints are in good condition. Here is how you support the joint health of your fur friend.

1. Add Healthy Supplements

Your dog needs enough nutrients in the body for its overall health. Knowing the right supplements to add to your dog’s diet is essential to ensure it gets enough nutrients to support joint and bone health. Use pet supplements recommended by Thorne Vet  since they contain compounds like chondroitin and glucosamine best for promoting joint health. Make sure you add the supplements to the dog’s food to support bone health and prevent arthritis.

2. Exercise the Dog

Exercise should be part of your dog’s routine. Whether your canine friend has arthritis, make sure it is moving most of the time. Take it for walks in the evening and consider other activities like swimming. Swimming can be a good option for dogs diagnosed with arthritis since it does not put too much pressure on their joints.

3. Use Ramps

Dogs are good at hiding injuries. Therefore, you must observe it when it jumps on the sofa or fences. The ideal way of preventing injuries and joint damage is using pet-friendly ramps. Dogs are different from cats. While cats can comfortably jump from one place to another, dogs are not that agile. Therefore, ramping up the place to protect your dog’s joints is best.

4. Maintain Healthy Weight

The bones and joints must bear the weight when your puppy is overweight. Therefore, they are susceptible to damage because of the strain of supporting the weight. It is crucial to make sure your dog maintains a healthy weight for proper mobility and joint health. The ideal way of doing this is limiting food intake, exercising it, and feeding it a balanced diet.

5. Massage the Dog

Ask the vet how to massage your dog and the best technique. When recommended, stick to the technique if you think it makes your pet more relaxed. Start with the strokes before you start massaging. Avoid putting too much pressure if you think the dog feels pain in certain parts. If you think the joints have inflammation, wrap them with a soft cloth or a cold towel. You can contact your vet if the inflammation does not go away after some time.

Final Thoughts!

These are simple ways you can support your dog’s joint health. They help prevent damage while maintaining good health. In case your dog has joint damage, it may require surgery in a difficult situation. So, try applying these tricks to avoid such a scenario and lower the risks of developing arthritis.

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