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Sea water, sun, wind, chlorine… are all elements that attack the hair during the summer period. To put an end to breakage and dryness, discover our tips to protect your hair naturally all summer long.

Michelle Obama’s natural hair has not escaped Internet users, far from the usual straightening she always wore when she was in the White House.


To avoid further attacking your hair with a shampoo full of aggressive sulphates, suffocating silicones or irritating components, nothing better than an organic / natural shampoo (this advice being valid for the rest of the year). Even more so if you have colored hair: your color may turn on contact with the sun and chlorine. So opt for a gentle and natural shampoo, which not only cleans your hair gently, but also allows your color to be preserved.


The oil bath consists of soaking the hair in vegetable oil and leaving it on for as long as possible (overnight for example). To protect your hair in summer, apply your oil bath either from roots to ends, or only on your lengths. Leave it on all day, during your exposure or your swimming, or at night to do a good care of your hair, and then wash (with a mild shampoo).

As a reminder, the ideal is to wash your hair once or twice a week at most to avoid weakening the scalp. By bathing in oils, the hair is protected from external aggressions, it is softer and stronger. Among the few essential oils for their protective benefits on the hair: coconut oil , avocado, or better, that of raspberry seeds , which would have an SPF (“Significant Sun Protection Factor”, measure of the level of protection against UVB, around 28. Prefer organic!


Braids and updos are our best friends on vacation. Do not hesitate to do it as soon as you go out to protect your hair as much as possible from the sun and friction. Plus, these protective hairstyles are great for preventing breakage. The sun is already causing a considerable drying out of the hair fiber, it is important to protect its lengths if we want to avoid going through a too drastic cut at the start of the school year!


Headbands, hats and other scarves are essential allies when going on vacation.


While the oil bath nourishes the hair, the natural hydrating mask will give our hair back all the suppleness and shine that it lacks when the sun has dried it out. Head for a simple homemade mask, whose ultra-hydrating ingredients have proven their worth.

For this, all you need is a bowl in which to mix: a yogurt (vegetable to prevent the  vegetable glycerin or organic applesauce with no added sugarssmell from turning), to which we will add exclusively moisturizing ingredients such as honey, aloe vera gel,. Leave the mask on for 30min to 1h then proceed with your mild shampoo.

Daily, before your protective hairstyle, apply aloe vera gel either pure or diluted in a bottle of floral water of our choice (witch hazel for dry hair, chamomile for blond hair or lavender for problematic scalps ). There are also hair milks that moisturize the hair, such as Les Secrets de Loly “Smoothie”, or 2Moss “Day Cream”.

Finally, follow Instagram accounts or blogs that are full of good advice to keep your mermaid hair healthy in summer, but also throughout the year!

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